Painting is simply a practice of applying color, paint, pigment or other medium to a surface. While creating painting medium is applied to the base using a brush.


Interior design is an art or process which includes designing of interior as well as exterior of a room. Interior designers are the professionals who coordinate and manage such projects.


Trousseau is the possession which is assembled by a bride for her marriage. Trousseau might include clothing or other goods which she could use after her marriage.


Crafting is an art in which beautiful and decorative objects are made by hand. In ancient days, Crafting was the way to produce beautiful articles.


Mural is a piece of art work which is painted or directly applied on the wall or any other large permanent surface. This technique has been in common use since the late 19th century.


We often come across special days and moments of our friends and family. To show them our appreciation we give them Gifts and Cards.


All about oil paintings

The beginnings of oil painting are recorded as early as the twelfth century in Northern Europe. But it was the virtuoso handling of the medium on pane...